1997 Merlin Cycles Malt 2


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Have a softspot for Merlin Cycles frames, as I used to study there adverts like they were a degree. They seemed to always have the best prices for mid end stuff, so when this came up, I had to nab it. It may be too red for a lot of people but I thought I'd build it to a theme.

Update 05/05/20 - fitted 1999 Z5 forks. Bit of an after thought after they turned up, but had the perfect lefth steerer tube on them. Fitted a 1997 Z3 brace to allow canti brakes, to match the rear.


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Nice looking ride . I always liked to peruse the Merlin ads too decent looking bikes with quality kit at a fair price, Never rode one so cant comment on the ride quality ,weight or general feel/quickness. What does she weigh ?