Sold 1996 Saracen Kili Pro


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1996 Saracen Kili Pro with Ritchey dropouts. I took the frame back to raw steel, used primer and Spray.Bike Pewter Silver, added Retro Decals decals then gloss transparent finish. So glad I rescued this frame.

The bike has only been ridden in the garden since built just to check all functioning, feels great with a 1x10 (i know there are haters but for some bikes they just work) and wide bars, it is also pretty light.

Full spec:

• 19" 1996 Saracen Kili Pro frame with Ritchey drop outs
• 1997 Rock Shox Judy XC
• Alex Rims on LX Parallax hubs
• Flite saddle
• Syncros stem
• Specialized bars 560 wide
• New Schwalbe Billy Bonkers tyres – like gold dust currently
• Easton seat post
• Shimano XT rear mech
• New Superstar narrow wide 34T chainring with blue Superstar bolts
• Shimano XT 10 speed shifter
• New Brand X headset
• UN51 BB
• Avid 3 V Brakes
• Shimano Exage 500 LX cranks
• Shimano M535 SPD pedals
• Token grips
• Bolany 10 speed 11-42 cassette
• Mech extender
• New KMC 10 speed chain

Reduced to £400, this doesn't cover the build cost (I went a bit over budget but couldn't help it and it was fun), the many hours put in to it come for free.

Collection from HP22


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Reduced to £400, the build cost more than this and the bike hasn't been used since completed. I need the space as I've gone a bit silly with purchases recently.


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It's |------ this big ------|

Or as big as it is mentioned in the advert ;-)

Sorry couldn't resist, though be safe in the knowledge that it took far too long to get the lines on my phone keyboard, as I tried to find the symbols and autocorrect kept kicking in.
Ha ha I read that advert about 30 times before I posted my question and for the life of me couldn't see the size. Now I can see it's a 19" which is a bit small for me unfortunately!

Free bump though. 😂


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hi, its sean from ebay, just messaged you. did you figure it? happy to take it from here or ebay at the 450 to cover your charges to end early or remove