1996 Kona Kula - finished UPDATE 2.8.09


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96 Kula

Hey chaps,

I bought one of these Kula frames in 96 and they are absolutely awesome. It's been through a lot in its life and it is only now that it's starting to show its age. Since moving to Australia and living on the Victorian coast (not trying to rub it in guys) the paint has started to bubble , crack and fall off :cry:
One of the local bike stores reckons he can match the colour of the paint, but it will finish off with a clear laquer. Do any of you guys now what sort of paint was used on this frame? I would prefer to keep it as original as possible.



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thanks guys for your pos. comms

@ KK - your Kula looks good and, minus minor changes, almost original - like it :cool:


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It is perfect! Wouldn’t change a thing. That has to be one of my favorite years for Kona, bold but not out of line. Great build!


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Re: 19which means I'll be g96 Kona Kula - finished UPDATE 2.8.09

Six years on so it's-me-takin-a-chance:

I aquired much same bike some three weeks ago. Long lost in shed needing revamp, frame tad tatty meaning shall be going down much same road you went; the great pics show it can be to good effect. Namely painting the chain chews and the many scratches. Info, like buying it in small amounts: etching primer, synthetic primer, and the MATCHING of that Gold? (It's seeming simpler to source suffice in the tins to paint a 100 Kula's!!) Frame shown, has it had a final all-over coat of varnish?

If indeed if you have any info still it would most valuable...indeed. Best regards