1996 Kona Kilauea - Restoration Advice


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Hi All,

I've decided to restore my 1996 Kona Kilauea.
First job that needs doing is frame repair, respray and decals.
Have any of ye any advice on workshops that will take on the repair and respray, i will be looking to respray in the original colour.
I'm in the republic of ireland but shipping the frame to the UK wouldn't be a problem.

Here's a pic




Paul R

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Hi there

The decals you can buy from retrodecals, The colour will have to be matched by eye as kona didnt make paint codes in those days sadly. Some go the powdercoating route as it can be quite cheap and more durable.

I cant personally recomend a sprayer as ive never had any done bike wise.


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Thanks for all the replies folks, much appreciated. I think powder coating is the way to go and I'm starting to come around to the idea of a non standard colour too. It sounds like there are plenty of options for decals too. That just leaves frame repair.
I foolishly allowed a neighbour of mine to repair a crack where the seat stay meets the rear dropout, this will need to be ground back and repaired again. Have any of ye any experience with frame repair workshops?

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