Sold 1996 Kona Hot 17" + P2 TB


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After much thought i have decided to sell my 1996 17" Kona Hot frame, this frame is well known on the forum and is documented on the Serial List that Pip so kindly put together & looks after.

I purchased the frame in May last year and made a 390 mile round trip to pick this up along with a Hei Hei frame and various other items, since then the Hot has sat in my spare room covered up in bubble wrap with today being the first time i have looked at it again to take the images.

The frame has been built up in the past however has never been ridden, this essentially is a NOS frame but does have a few marks from previous storage all of which are outlined in the images. I have amassed various parts that i had planned to build the frame up with including a NOS Marzocchi Z2 Lime fork, Gen 1 Crossmax wheels, Race light bars & seat post, Middleburn crank, most of which will also be listed for sale.

Full details of the frame as follows:

1996 Kona Hot 17" Burgundy Frame
Altitude Manufacture (853 Reynolds)
Serial: HT262
Goathead dropouts
Rear brake cable stop

The sale will include a pair of triple butted Project two's in exceptional condition, a couple of marks which are depicted in the images. I do believe it would be very hard to find another pair of these forks in a similar condition. A-C & Steerer measurements to follow later.

The frame will not be listed anywhere else for sale as i would like to see this go to a forum member, pricing this is incredibly difficult but the number is £850 OVNO including carriage in the UK only though i would of course prefer collection.

Any questions please let me know.




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more images..


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Retro Guru
A beautiful thing ,
I tried purchasing those two last year but the seller wanted collection.
Unfortunately it’s bad timing this time as I’ve just bought a frame .
Good luck with sell