1996 GT Bravado


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Here we go again! I'd promised myself (and my wife) "no more retro bike builds!".

But then on the day I bought my Malverns ticket, up popped a beautiful blue GT Bravado, (thanks Conrad). I was smitten and having previously done a Xizang, an RTS 1 and a few i-drives, I fancied a bit of GT steel. 😂

The pics show where I've got to. Going for a blue/sliver theme, with a touch of black here and there.
Keeping my eyes peeled for a silver 26.8 Thomson seatpost and some exotic silver or blue riser bars.
Got a repro Flite ti to go on and some brand new Middleburn RS7 with a narrow wide ring. Going for a 1x drivechain as I love the clean look (and functionality) so won't be one for the purists, but it will look lovely!
Wheels are hope pro III with Mavic 317. For now I've got some tatty grey Tioga Psycho to go on there until I find the right tyres.

Wish me luck when my wife sees it in the garage! 🤞😁


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