1996/7 SARACEN Backtrax


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I'm new on here.
I have been looking for a decent frame to rebuild my old mountain bike onto using as many parts as possible. (Oh yeah?)
I bought this 1996 (I believe) Saracen Backtrax frame off ebay and in doing some reseach on it, I find the previous owner is a member on here (Hi Ian)

The only parts off my old bike I used were the wheels and chainset. I replaced everything else.
I put a Megarange 7 speed (screw on ) block on to get the low gear and Im afraid I used V brakes. I keep reading that is a bit naughty.

It rides very nicely and the brakes work very well, much better than the low quality cantis did on the old bike.
I got the amberwall tyres from Am*z*n and I really like the way it looks.
The handlebars are wider than original (I still have the originals) as I have got used to the modern wider bars on my modern mtb.
I built it to ride so I wanted to be comfortable on it.
More upgrades planned for the future.
I think I have been bitten by the retro bug!

I will add a pic shortly if I can.


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Re: 1996 SARACEN Backtrax

Another pic during a ride the other day.


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Re: 1996 SARACEN Backtrax

cherrybomb":27mejoas said:
That's rather smart :cool:

and a rather cheeky find on those tyres, what are they like (light, good in mud etc)???