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Frame: 1995 Kona Kapu 54cm in red named Leo
Columbus Genius tubing
SN F6012435

Fork: *Kona Mudshark in red

Headset: *Kona Impact 1"
Stem: *Kona Velocity HT 1"
Handlebar: *3TT Forma
Grip Tape: Brooks Microfiber Bar Tape in black

Brakes: *Campagnolo Veloce
Brake Pads: Kool Stop Dual Compound KS-RHC2 with KS-CXT hardware
Brake Cables: Campagnolo ErgoPower
Brake Levers/Shifters: *Campagnolo Veloce ErgoPower

Front Derailleur: *Campagnolo Veloce
Rear Derailleur: *Campagnolo Veloce with Avid Rollamajig in red
Derailleur Cables: Campagnolo ErgoPower UltraShift
Cassette: *Campagnolo Veloce 12-24 8sp
Chain: KMS Super Shuttle SS91S
Cranks: *Campagnolo Veloce 172.5
Crank Bolts: *Campagnolo
Chainrings: *Campagnolo 52/39
Chainring Bolts: *Campagnolo
Bottom Bracket: *Campagnolo Veloce
Pedals: Wellgo M111

Hub Skewers: ControlTech titanium in black
Rims: Campagnolo Omicron in black
Hubs: Campagnolo Veloce
Nipples: brass
Spokes: double butted stainless steel
Tires: Bontrager Race Lite

Saddle: Selle Italia Flite Titanium
Seatpost: ControlTech in black
Seatpost Binder: *Kona in silver

Bottle Cages: Elite Cuisi in stainless steel

*designates original part
Weight: <22 lbs

My friend Jason, who is a fellow admin on the Classic 1990s Facebook page, had this bike, but it was too small for him. He listed it for sale to our page, not knowing that I had been looking for a '94-96 Kona road bike for a few years! I had looked at two 94 Haole locally in St. Louis, but they were both too large. A third even popped up on Facebook locally a little bit after this Kapu was in my hands. Of all the cities in the US to find three early Haole, I didn't think it would be here. Must be all the rich doctors and dentists. I prefer the cheap and achievably priced bikes anyway!

Jason originally bought it from the friend of Leo, the original owner, who had it set up as a tri bike. Leo's friend had it for 10 years or so:


Jason cleaned it up, re-greased everything, and replaced almost all the consumables. He installed a shortened stem, and his preferred saddle and post. He removed the "Leo" sticker from the top tube, and mixed up some perfect touch up paint and fixed all the blemishes. This is how Jason had it when he listed it for sale:


Luckily, he still had the original stem, which he sold to me with the bike.

Per usual, I stripped it down first thing out of the box:


It didn't take long to build back up while I waited for some consumables. All I needed was bar tape from his stubby stem removal, and new cables, as unfortunately the original script logo Campy housings were shot. I had some Kool Stop pads, holders, and hardware lying around that ended up working perfectly:


Once I sorted out the brake pads, cables, bar tape, and those nasty Bontrager logos on the tires, it ended up looking something like this:


I tried to sprinkle in some of my favorite mountain bike parts, like ControlTech seatpost and skewers. I even fitted an Avid Rollamajig!




I absolutely love this bike and how it rides, but lately I've been having the urge to do something different. I have hardly ridden this bike since COVID started (the Campy Omicron rims aren't helping 😂 ), and I want to change it up so I have an excuse to ride it more. This might result in a rebuild soon, so stay tuned!

Here's a hint:

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Lovely! Incredible condition considering the age. Interesting to see a 54cm in the flesh. I always wondered if my 52 was too small but the 54 definitely looks big.

I’m a big fan of those seatposts too


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Whats this rollamajig thing do?
The Avid Rollamajig reduces the rear cable housing bend to the rear derailleur to avoid snags, and improves shift feel. I have them on all my bikes.

More info:

Here is one on my 1994 Marin Pine Mountain, with my favorite barrel adjusters from XC Pro derailleurs:


Avid made a few different versions:

s-l400 (1).jpg




Shimano designed something similar for their RD-M951:


IIRC, Avid sued Shimano and they stopped with this design. Later, Avid was purchased by SRAM, and they started using this tech. You can still find them on new SRAM derailleurs today.

Crud products also sold the Cog Hog, a similar product, but without a snag proof nipple, and without a sealed bearing:


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