1995 Kona Cindercone 90's Kona mtb & C2C holiday


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This is my 1995 Kona Cindercone that I built up to do the Hadrians Way coast to coast cycleway last year

It has a more modern 9 speed groupset which is mostly XT. Bars, stem seatpost & forks are original

The V brakes are XTR and the brake boosters were a great upgrade

The seat is a brooks B17 and the best seat i've ever owned

I think the wheels are a few years newer, They are Mavic 559 rims on XT hubs. The tyres I used were Continental Contact 1.6"

The stickers on the forks & rear stays were just added for the coast to coast ride to protect the paintwork

And the bike performed brilliantly through the whole holiday. It easily kept up with 2 titanium Croix de Fers


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mk one

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:cool: a route im hoping to do in the next couple of years. A good choice of bike also and you do need boosters on these older steel frames with V brakes to stop the flex :)


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Very tidy indeed, I've had two of these Kona's pass through my shed over the years and I have to say they ride amazingly.