1995 Klein Attitude 21" Painted Desert Fuselage SOLD


BoTM Winner
For Sale.
1995 Klein Attitude Mc2 Fuselage 21" Painted Desert.
I've been offered my dream Klein so sadly needs must and i'm going to sell my gorgeous Painted Desert Fuselage. This is a repaint by ex Klein painted Dave Wilkins and i can honestly say the paint job is better than original. It is simply the best bicycle paint job i have seen. This bike has not been ridden more than 50 yards since it was rebuilt after painting. I was going to take it to show at the Show and Shine at the Malvern Classics but that was cancelled this year.
21" fuselage, 0 degree rise on the handlebars. Immaculate, 10/10 condition. I'm just selling the fuselage, along with the Syncros Titanium seatpost (that has some deformation from over clamping sometime in its life and has been trimmed, but its fine to use and lovely to look at. The handlebars were trimmed sometime in their past, but when Dave Wilkins did the repaint extensions were welded on by an ex Klein welder, so you cannot tell they are there. This is as good a frame as anywhere.
Fusealge for sale for £2250 obo. Happy to send anywhere in the wold at buyers costs. I'm open to offers on some of the bits on this bike too, just get in touch.
I'm not sure if this is a fair price, it seems realistic but if i'm off do get in touch and make and offer.


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