1995 Barracuda A2M


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Ever since I sold my '94 Barracuda A2X a few years ago, I've seriously regretted it and so I've been on the look out to get another one. I found this '95 A2M frame last year on ebay for the princely sum of £8, and I have nearly finished it - it saw it's first bit of sunlight today. Needs some cleaning, a bit of fine tuning and some M737 spuds, but then it'll be be ready for it's first blast.

The frame was the last true Cuda before the company collapsed at the end of '95 - the '93 and '94 frames had been built and finished in Durango (with the Yeti connection - why did I sell my '94 A2X frame??), and these '95 frames were assembled in Taiwan but hand finished in Durango. The A2M was originally specced with STX kit, but my build consists of '95 Topline crank arms, XT M737/8 mechs, 8 speed Gripshifts, XTR M950 rear hub, Middleburn front hub, AC headset. The Bomber Z1 Bam forks are '98 (I think), but I like them - might look out for some Manitou 3s in the future.



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Good effort. Looks like an absolute blast to ride that. Love the original Barracuda's - and an £8 find? Good work...


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Just took it for a quick spin around the block - haven't been on a retro bike for years - did we really ride that stretched out, and with such narrow bars (actually, I remember in the early 90's chopping my bars down as narrow as possible).

Felt good though :D


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I bought my son a 1994 version (A2MS) for his 12th birthday, in 12" frame variation. It is a lovely bike. Got it from here for a reasonable price(not £8 though)