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Hello everyone from Canada!

I stumbled upon this website/forum just recently. I had no idea that so many others where interested in restoring mid 90s mountain bikes!

In 1994, when I was 15 years old, I bought my first real mountain bike: A 1994 Trek 930 SHX.

Over the first two years I replaced almost every part on the Bike. In hind-site I really should have bought a 990! By 1996 it was converted to the following specs:

-1994 Deore XT hubs, cassette, front and rear deraileur, shifters / brake levers.
-1994 Deore LX crankset and cantilevers.
-Rock Shox Judy XC
-Panaracer Magic tires
-Bontrager c20 saddle
-Onza HO TI clipless pedals

I sold the bike in about 1997 to buy a brand new Proflex 856. I bought it just as they where being sold to K2 and I think I paid $1300 for it brand new..I want to shoot myself for selling the proflex, but that is another story!

I keep the proflex until I got my current 2003 Cannondale Jekyll.

I always had fond memories of the Trek, mainly because I built it entirely myself. Just a few weeks ago I snapped and tracked down the guy I sold it to. He still had it!..13 years latter!. I offered to buy it back and he gave me a crazy price. We negotiated a bit and made a deal.

He hadn't done much to the bike since he bought it. It had 1999-2000 Deore XT cranks and rear derailleur..and pretty much lost interest in it. When I came to get it it was under a pile of junk.

Long story short I want to completely restore this bike to exactly, and I mean EXACTLY the way it was in 1996. I thought about making a few period upgrades, but in the end, I just want my bike back the way it was.

The frame is a mess, covered in scratches and gashes, but it is totally rust free and staright.. I contact Velocals and JR told me he might have a decal kit for it. If he comes through, I will have the frame striped and repainted (by a custom car painter), decals installed and clearcoated.

In the meantime, I have been collecting parts. Here is a list of what I currently need:. If anyone has this stuff please contact me, I really want all NOS stuff, and am willing to pay!

-Panaracer MAGIC white 2.1 front and rear tires
-Mavic M 231 PSP front and rear rims (Will rebuild new wheels with existing hubs)
-1994 Trek head badge
-1994 Trek chainstay protector
-1994 Trek 930 decals kit (In case Velocals doesnt come through)
-1994 Trek system 2 seatpost (27.2)
-1994 Trek Seatpost quick release (painted grey, thin not polished)
-1994 Trek system 2 handlebar (painted grey, not polished)
-Onza HO TI clipless pedals
-1994 Deore LX crankset
-1994 Deore XT shifter/brake levers
-Bontrager C20 saddle

Here is a few pictures (the first one taken in 1996)..thanks!



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How come there is a cam for the rear cantilever? I can see there is no canti hanger, so its a good fix, was this standard spec when new?


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yep that was standard spec. It is pretty ridiculous because the pads never contact the rims at the same time. Letter trek models had welded on guides to allow for standard setup.


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seems to be standard on 94 trek's - here's a closeup of that device on my 8000



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Well Ive spent the last few months:

-Re-Rendering all the decals on Adobe Illustrator In EPS in prep for a professional paint job by a custom car painter. It will be full media blast, base clear.
-Collecting NOS parts.

Ive made out pretty well..check out the loot so far:


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just got some new parts in!!

All I need now is the rear tire!! :)


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Wow, what a nice bike :)
Seems you´ve found some really nice parts as well.
The XT crank sure is a beaut!



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It has been quite the treasure hunt as I am committed to using only the EXACT parts I had with the exception of the crank and cantilevers which will be upgraded to deore XT to match everything else.

If I was super anal, I would insist on ONLY 1994 737, but when I built the bike originally it had a 739 Rear mech..so thats the one I got..better than the 737 anyway

I still need a rear tire!!



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You're more anal than me - but good for you. I'm building up a bike I've previously owned and appreciate the desire to see it back to former glory. Good luck & keep posting.

(PS picking up a "spares/repair" 930 tomorrow, but using it as a donor for my '98 Caldera.)