1994 Raleigh Dyna-Tech Diablo - (Updated 4/5/11)


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This is what I believe to be a 1994 Dyna-Tech Diablo frame which I will be building up over the next few weeks/months...


As you can see, I have my work cut out with this one :shock:
Apparently this used to belong to another Retrobiker, it's certainly been re-painted blue at some point as the bit of the headtube I began removing paint from had red/maroon paint underneath.
I think the 3 main tubes are Ti, headtube is definately alloy, and rear triangle is steel.

My plan is to strip it and repaint it black with bare Ti tubes, then it will have various parts bolted onto it along with semi-sick tyres to become my road/training/shop bike, no period correct build here I'm afraid, just cheap and functional :LOL:


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If the red/maroon paint was original it could be a '92 Voyager frame.

Scratch that not a wishbone frame.



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Re: 1994 Raleigh Dyna-Tech Diabo build..

jimo746":306ytf7s said:
Apparently this used to belong to another Retrobiker

T'was originally a Diablo LX and I was the second owner.

I had it built with something like:
X-lite Ti bars, ZE-360 seat post and PSS saddle.
Pace rigid's.
Club Roost I-beam stem.
L&M stardeive cranks (1st skinny version).
217 ceramics on sliver Hope's with DT revs.
Mix of LX, XT and XTR.

Raced at quite a few of the local Gorrick rounds. It's a lovely ride.

I'll keep an eye on this one :D


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Bit of progress....



Frame is now painted (not particularly well), I still need to polish up the ti tubes though. Several bits and pieces are now in place,Manitou 4's, Dyna-Tech stem, X-lite bars, Deore shifters & levers, Mavic D521's on LX hubs.

I have a USE Shokpost to fit, but the post is too small for the frame, and when I use the supplied shim it's too bloody big :roll: anyone know what size seatpost/shim I need for this?

Most of the other required parts are either enroute or just require fitting, it's a mish-mash of parts, but will be functional.

Oh, and the serial number begins with a "D", which confirms it is a 1994 frame?

And.... better pics when my digital camera returns, currently using a pretty poor mobile phone camera.


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YAY!! :D Got the bike finished on New Years Day :D but have now gone away with work for a few weeks so pics/specs will have to wait until I get back :roll:
I briefly rode it down the street a few times to check the brakes & gears etc and can report that I was pretty shocked when everything seemed to work spot on first time! Having not built a bike from scratch for a good few years I had doubts as to whether I would forget some small yet vital component :LOL:
I have to say it didn't feel particularly light. Although the frame felt reasonable when I was painting it I think I haven't gone for the lightest of components, it was more a case of what was available & cheap at the time.
The only New parts were the cables & chain, everything else was sourced from here or ebay.

So, pics to follow by the end of this month.... but I'm already thinking ahead to what my next build will be :shock: :LOL:


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Finally! I just had a week off work and was able to get out on the bike and snap a few pics.
It's currently wearing Schwalbe City Jet tyres for some tarmac work, but I have some WTB Moto Raptor tyres ready for it (at £6 a tyre from CRC it seemed rude not to get a set!) :shock:









and the "money shot"...

Specs... apologies for omissions/errors...

Frame:Raleigh Dyna-Tech, Ti Top & down tubes, cro-mo rear triangle.

Fork: Manitou 4

Headset: Kooka Kolor
Stem: RSP Alloy
Handlebar: X-Lite Xpert 6000 Alloy
Grips: Raleigh Kraton Grips

Brakes: Front: Shimano??? Rear: Suntour XC S
Brake Levers: X-Lite chicken stix

Shifters: Shimano Deore (9spd)
Front Derailleur: Shimano LX
Rear Derailleur: Shimano Deore (9spd)
Cassette: Shimano... 8spd
Chain: SRAM PC-971
Cranks: Truvativ Touro
Chainrings: 52-42-30
Bottom Bracket: Shimano UN51
Pedals: Shimano flat/spd???

Hub Skewers: Cheapo Ebay jobbies
Rims: Mavic D521 (Pro-Build by Raleigh??) eh?
Hubs:Shimano LX
Tyres: Schwalbe City Jet (26x1.5) / WTB Moto Raptor (26x2.1)

Saddle: Fizik (??)
Seatpost: USE Shockpost

Weight: No idea, but it's no lightweight :LOL:

This bike is a "second" bike for me, and will be used for road use, shop/pub use, and off-road when the Proflex isn't around.
So far it's been all good, even had a few descents where I used the 52 tooth chainring :shock: managing to hit 36mph (I think it's pure wind resistance holding me back tbh).

One thing bugs me though... the brakes seem crap, I don't know if it's just me being used to discs/V's or what, but the brakes aren't up to much tbh... are those Promax levers I have for V or canti brakes??? I have some X-Lite levers I'm going to try as I'm sure they are for canti brakes, so we will see.

Edited: 4/5/11


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I do like those frames and that looks great. There's one locked up in a friends tenement stair that I've never seen move, this makes me tempted to leave a note on it asking if they want rid of it.


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A small update. Recently had a bit of time off work and fitted a few new parts to the bike as well as giving it a good thrashing both on and off road, I have to say that I quite like it, the longer/higher stem suits me better and my last ride was 2 1/2hrs long with no problems :D

I'll let the pics do the talking...


Wearing some fat tyres for a change :D


X-Lite levers that actually stop the bike!, new stem, headtube and seattube decals by gil_m, notice the mix of old & new equipment, it actually works very smoothly together.


More decals by gil_m


Muddy, just as it should be :D I've been discovering some new and good trails near me on this bike :D :D :D