1994 Fat Chance titanium


BoTM Winner
Fantastic delivery today of a 1994 Fat Chance Fat Chance Titanium with BOI fork.

Never seen one of these in the flesh before today, the detailing is exquisite. The buying on the tubes is so subtle and beautifully done.

The build thread starts here.

First thoughts are to have the fork repainted from black to the blue/silver fade in the catalogue.
I'm going to deck it out with either Pewter bits or more likely Campagnolo OO Record.

I think silver and titanium grey will look very elegant.

This should be fun.


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BoTM Winner
Think I'm going to go for a complete or near complete Campagnolo Record build here, it is such a beautiful groupset.
The classic silver against the ti frame with the splashes of blue decals, and maybe a little extra touch of blue, should look stunning.


BoTM Winner
Just split the frame and fork so i can send the fork off for painting, i thought i'd weigh them as they are.
The frame weighs in at 1.6kg, the fork a svelte 719g.