1994 Cannondale M600 Singlespeed (updated 01/05/10 pg. 3)


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I just finished the build --> 1994 Cannondale M600 (badged as M1000) singlespeed.

I found the frameset on Craigslist. The seller included two Pepperoni forks (one black, one polished) and a 1 1/4 Kore Elite stem. I had no idea what model it was because the paint was already stripped before I got it and the seller thought it was some sort of prototype frame (yeah right). He only knew that the size was 18" (EDIT: It's actually a 20" frame).

I ordered a decal set from Gil. I decided to badge the bike as a "M1000" because I didn't know what model it really was, and I knew there was no M1000 in 1994. However, after taking a very close look at the frame, I found some deep blue paint on the top of the head tube and violet paint near the dropouts. Using the paint scheme, as well as noticing the sloping top tube, I was able to determine that the bike was originally a M600.

The aluminum was a little oxidized, so I used some Nevr Dull and it brightened up very nicely. I wanted a satin look, not too polished, and I think that's what I achieved. I had the headset cups pressed in (NOS 1 1/4 Aheadset) and then added the decals (thanks again Gil) before adding the rest of the parts. Let me know what you think! (I'm waiting for some single chainring bolts to arrive, which explains why I still have the big ring.)

Frame: 1994 Cannondale M600 20"

Fork: 1 1/4" Pepperoni

Headset: Aheadset
Stem: Kore Elite
Handlebar: Answer Hyperlite
Grips: Oury

Brakes: Paul Motolite
Brake Levers: Paul Love Levers

Cranks: Race Face Turbine LP 175mm
Chainrings: Blackspire Mono Veloce 38t
Bottom Bracket: Shimano UN54 68x107
Pedals: Bontrager RE-1

Hub Skewers: Deore XT
Rims: Mavic XC717
Hubs: Deore XT M770
Nipples: Brass
Spokes: DT
Tyres: IRC Notos (now Michelin Wildgrippers)

Saddle: SDG S7000 TI (now SDG S2000 TI)
Seatpost: Ringle Moby Deuce
Seatpost Binder: Generic

Weight: 20.8 lbs (9.45 kg)


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very nice i had a m600, was my first expensive bike and i loved it until a car squashed it with me on it!

nice colour and superb condition :cool:


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More pictures


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Thanks for the compliments, gents. The bike is a hair over 20 lbs, so it's pretty light, but I thought it would be even lighter. I wasn't going "weight weenie" with the build, so I'm not too concerned about it.

Black tires? Come on, the rust walls are where it's at! ;)


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Here's what the frame looked like when it arrived and then after I added the decals (it came with the American flag decal).


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Frame is actually 20"

I just took some measurements and compared them to the specs in the 1994 catalog. The frame size is actually 20", not 18". Effective top tube is 23.25" and seat tube c-t is a hair under 18.5", which fit the dimensions of the 20" frame. This frame is oddly small to be listed as 20".

Nobody likes the tires? No worries, everybody has their own preferences.


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nice bike m8

but are you sure thats an 1 1/4" headtube ?

just dont look that big thats all