1993 Ritchey P-21


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Hi all, new member here. Just wanted to share my old bike from college which has been collecting dust for the past 28 years. I recently revived it for the first time, replaced the tires and brake pads and enjoying some of the local trails (SF Bay Area, California).

I haven't weighed it but it's very light. Everything is from '93 although I'm not sure exactly what year the frame is, could be earlier. It's an 18in I believe, mainly XT with a few extra bits: Nuke proof ti hubs, Chris King headset, Grip Shift-ers, Manitou, and my favorite piece: An anodized peace sign brake hanger :) Reminds me of my years in University when I last rode it (UC Santa Cruz). I also found the original uncut fork.

Question: Is there a market for these? I'm contemplating finding a new home for it.


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Yes, definitely a market for a bike like that in good condition. Have a search around the forum for previous sales and if you are serious about selling be prepared to ship internationally.

Original rigid fork would make it more desirable.

There is also the what's it worth thread where you can see if anyone can give a price guide.

I'd keep it and get a modern team frame to match



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The frame is gorgeous! I love the wheels as well.
And been stored away gathering dust hey, great news.
As said above- with the original fork this will sell very easily for a good price to. The current manitou forks sell cheaply so the original rigids will be necessary to be reach its potential.


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That's a bit nice! You said it yourself: "enjoying some of the local trails"....keep it, use it and enjoy it....if you got 3, 4, 5 or 600 bucks (or whatever it's worth) for it that won't go very far getting you a modern, new MTB if you want to continue cycling the trails...
If you have set your sights on a new one cash in the old one - go for it - the modern MTB is supposed to be a long way forward in terms of performance...but will you ever need or get the most out of such increased performance over and above your old steed? Then there's the possible regret factor down the line.....might you wish you never sold it?!


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I would expect to have your hand surgically removed by the jaws of the retrobike comunity if you put it up for sale!

But if its " your bike" , from " your past" with all " your memories" attached.......ffs don't sell it. All the "other stuff" goes with it when you sell and the new owner will will bin them as they sadly they will mean nothing.

If you only ride it once a year.....keep it.

Anyway the frames far too small for me;)


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Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions!

Question about the original fork: It's uncut and was never used. IIRC it's a standard stem and not an "ahead-set" like the Manitou, so I'd need to source those two items. Would it be better to cut the fork and install it? Or simply include it with the bike (if it goes up for sale)?

Many thanks!


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A few more photos. Newbie question: Is this TIG or fillet brazed? I'm assuming the former.


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Nice frame, and personally i would leave the fork steerer for the new owner to sort to their taste.

The bike has some nice parts on it too, though i would say the current build is not the most flattering for the frame. As with most things it is worth more in parts, the frame and original fork should stay together and would attract more attention as a frame set, someone who wants that and buys it would put different parts on than already fitted.