1993? Ozone/Bigfoot E-Stay complete bike


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Hi All. I bought this from a Retrobike user over 10 years ago for my wife, (she liked the colour). unfortunately it wasn't really that comfortable for her, so it has barely been used since. I've now built something that is more modern and she is riding that, so this one needs to go.

So here's the spec:
Frame: Medium (18" C-T) 1993 (I think) Ozone/Bigfoot e-stay
The frame was powder coated by the previous owner in a fetching baby blue. This was a decent job and although the frame has picked up the odd scratch/mark in storage, it still looks fresh.
Forks: Manitou magnum - these are in great cosmetic condition, but need new elastomers (these are available)
Seatpost and Stem: Thomson Elite - VGC
Saddle: Charge women's saddle (I can swap out for an old Flite Alpes if the new owner would prefer)
Headset: Pewter Chris King Devolution (takes it from 1 1/4" to 1 1/82 - VGC
Bars: X-Lite XC Riser - VGC
Wheels: XT hubs (the ones with the little grease port M735?) on Wobler CD rims. These are in VGC
Tyres: Panaracer Smoke and Dart in VGC
R Mech: Deore DX in GC
F Mech: M900 XTR in VGC
Shifters: DX thumbies in average condition
Chainset: White Industries forged alloy in GC
Brakes: Shimano XT canti's with brand new cartridge pads
Chain - Not sure, Shimano 7 speed I think
Grips: Yeti clear

Overall the bike is sporting some lovely parts and is a genuine slice of UK history having been designed by Graham Foot in Gloucestershire in the early 90's. They are still pretty rare and I think the paint on this one makes it a real head turner! :cool:
Please see pictures for more detailed condition - I can send high res if required.

I am not splitting and would like £450 OVNO. I would prefer local collection.




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Thanks Tangent! Emily doesn't know what a lucky girl she is with me buying her this beauty! :)

After 10 years thought, I have to accept defeat and hope that someone else will appreciate it!


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Re: Re:

BarneyRubble":1z5om9sw said:
Thanks Tangent! Emily doesn't know what a lucky girl she is with me buying her this beauty! :)

After 10 years thought, I have to accept defeat and hope that someone else will appreciate it!

your welcome Mr B, I love it ! (that colour is made for a purple anodising extravaganza!) guess you could always archive it for the next generation ? GLWS


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Wow! Very nice!
Been looking for one in this size for awhile, but
1 - You don't want to ship
2 - I think some of you guys will run me out of town on a rail if I keep hoarding all of your fine English e-stays :oops:
That said, if you change your mind about shipping, and if nobody here has any serious objections, please keep me in mind.


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Parcel2Go is the best I've found for shipping from UK to USA.
USPS is best for shipping from USA to UK (IMHO).

All couriers have a size limit, and the sweet spot is 108 inches or less of Length plus Girth (Girth = 2x Height plus 2x Width). That's what USPS uses, and if you go over that limit, the price virtually triples. That's the same with a few couriers, while other couriers simply won't ship anything larger.

I've had great results when custom-sizing boxes to fit just under the limit (I don't like to cut it too close because every now and then you get the clerk who rounds everything up, and suddenly 42.1 inches = 43 inches in their mind, and over the limit you go!)

A stripped frame will fit into a box that's 42 inches x 24 inches x 9 inches, which is right at the USPS size limit, so I usually aim for a hair under that, and bikes up to about 19 inches c-c seat tube measurement will fit comfortably along with all the parts (except for the wheelset) into that box. I'm fairly certain it's cheaper to ship the wheelset separately than to fit an entire bike into one box, unless it's a bmx or children's bike. For me, in this instance, you could keep the wheelset, but I'd still pay your price. If everything is padded separately all around and all taped together into one big blob, and it fits snugly in the box, that's the best you can do.

So-o-o....you're thinking about it, huh? :D I can Paypal at the speed of light...

Although I collect a lot of bikes, I truly care about each and every one of them, and hopefully I can retire in a couple of years and spend a lot more time on this hobby while I still have my wits about me (well, at least half of my wits) :LOL: . In all seriousness, I am concerned that some in this community might take offense that I'm squirreling away some really nice rides - taking them out of circulation - and for what? Sometimes I don't think I really know the answer other than to say I'm addicted, and I don't think I'm alone here (You all know who you are ;) ). Besides, there are much worse addictions to be had. On a positive note, I do intend to get a lot of riding in after I retire, so my collection will see a lot of use someday, and if I do eventually cull some from the herd, I will for sure be giving first dibs to the people that sold them to me.

In any case, GLWS.