1993 Marin Pine Mountain overhaul


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Hi folks,

Decided to dust off my old pine mountain. Think I got this for my 15th birthday many moons ago and have kept it ever since. Did a lot of miles back in the day and was alway kept stock spec apart from the grips which eventually wore out!

Now looking to return it to service for some nostalgia and give it a wee upgrade at the same time. Obviously couldn't afford go faster bits back in the day but I've got a slightly bigger piggy bank now so starting to window shop.

Managed to secure a set of rc35s from a family member that used to run them on a palisades iirc then p7, need a service so will be heading off to pace soon enough.

I'd like to upgrade to full xt+ so on the hunt for 32h hubs / crank / bb / brakes. Think these were the all dx.

I'll also try and hunt down period seat / post / stem / bars / ends, maybe have to look through some pdf'd mbuk mags and see what was available at the time!

Any parts swapped out will be kept, don't worry!

If any of you remember to go to trick bits for back in the day, fire away with suggestions. Any advice most welcome! Also dimensions for bb / seat post etc would be handy to know so I can start shopping then hand over the bike and parts to a local builder.


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Are you wanting to go period correct for the XT - Pine mountain came with XT (except the chainset, hubs which were DX) so you won't need much to upgrade

The seatpost is 26.4 (at least that's what mine is!) and the BB shell is 68mm - the spindle length depends on which crank you intend to use. If you are going for the M730 XT crank it will be 122.5

should be a nice bike - they still ride really well - although really should be manitou on a marin ;);)


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Yeah, something reasonably within the era. I'd change to xtr but I really like the xt rapids!

Yep, rode well back in the day so pretty sure I'll still get a good amount of enjoyment out of it. Just need to figure out an upgrade path to make it as good as it can be from that era. Contemplated a team issue frame but then it wouldn't be the same bike!

Haha, manitou was what I was aiming for but the rc35s should be just as good. Maybe not the technically correct pairing but if I'd got a good deal on rc35s back in the day I wouldn't have thought twice about putting them on. :D