Sold 1993 Marin Eldridge Grade frame & forks+


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1993 Marin Eldridge Grade - not complete bike, just parts listed below..

Marin Eldridge Frame 17” c-t so Marin size 15.5” c-c tange butted tubing
Marin rockstar fork
Marin stem with roller
Marin seatpost QR
Marin pedals
bottom bracket - guess un-52? feels ok
ritchey logic headset - rough, needs regrease and bearings at least

Paint is not bad, it’s obviously 27yrs old but not in bad shape, with some new decals it’d look great. Let’s be clear though it’s nowhere near mint, if you want that it’d need painting. All straight, no dents. Original seatpost available but it’s scratched to hell top to bottom!

Photos on later once I’ve washed it

£85 posted Or a bit less collected from S Wales.
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