1992 Trek 8900 - parting out - found on Facebook for $100US


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Well here it is, the #1992 Trek 8900 I just got on Facebook Marketplace for $100US. Happened across it completely by accident. It’s an incredible find, nearly all original, and still very ridable.

Every bike tells a story, and I wonder what this bike’s story is. It’s obviously led a hard life outside (we are near the ocean, air can be very salty). Seller said he got it in a storage unit he bought (which sorta checks out I guess as we did the deal at a storage facility). The shop decal tells me it was bought locally when new.

The listing said the bike was “ready to ride” which I doubted based on the pictures, but sure enough, the seller literally rode up to me on it. Tires are trash but the tubes are holding air. The frame is 18" (Center to Top) and is in very rough shape, faded and corroded, but not cracked as far as I can tell right now.

Here’s what I have determined so far are original parts (all #vintagemtb #SHIMANOXTR #M900)
- Brake Levers & Left Shifter
- F&R Brakes
- F&R Hubs
- Cassette (8 speed)
- Chain
- Seatpost

These bits are also original (per the 1992 Trek brochure I found online) but not XTR:
- Stem (Answer A-TAC quill)
- Handlebar (Matrix Hyperlite)
- Front Rim/Wheel (Matrix Single Track Pro, Schrader Valve)
- Onza Bar Ends

Not sure about these bits but I think they are not original spec:
- Rear Rim/Wheel (Mavic 23:cool:
- Front Mech (XT)
- Rear Mech (LX)
- Crankset (XT)
- Wellgo rat trap pedals
- Fork (Chrome, unknown)
- Headset (Tange - likely done when new fork was installed)
- Six (yes, SIX) speed right shifter

Like I said I really wonder what this bike’s story is, and how it got this different from factory spec.

Although it’s kind of a shame to part this ancient but still rideable bike out, the cost to restore it (with full XTR) would exceed the value of the finished bike many times over. So, soon we will begin disassembly, thorough cleaning and listing everything on eBay.

p.s. many more high-resolution photos and a 2 minute walkaround video are available here, here and here.


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Really wish I could save it (purple IS my favorite color) ... but the parts will live on, helping to complete another bike somewhere. Pic of your bike? Would be nice to see one in proper shape.


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longun":ehlnvlqg said:

Nicks rescue thread, I’ll see if I’ve any pics of when I built it

Good lord, that thing looks immaculate ... check this out, whole frame is similar, unfortunately.


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