1992 Rocky Mountain Fusion razberry tank (finished... on a snowy day!?)


Dirt Disciple
The story begins somewhere during the winter of 2021 in Montréal, QC. Seeing this last of its class - but not so low end - vintage Rocky Mountain in my basement accumulating dust, I figured out I was starting to look like it. I decided it was time to get myself (and the bike) ready for summer. Today I did the last move and installed the pedals, not knowing snow was falling on the spring buds outside. When I realized that, I had to take it out and take a few pictures.

Many parts are original and if not, they're (mostly) retro-upgrades. The original Deore LX crank does look better than new (to me, at least). Those parts were well made back in the days. The DX shifters weren't that simple to figure out when it was time to reassemble after a thorough degreasing. Had to compare with a pair of XT from the same era.

To match the idea of the impossible to dent frame, I took some almost impossible to run out of alignment 36 spokes wheels from a touring road bike. The Exage hubs where overhauled and since they're handbuilt wheels, they still have the right tension and are true.

It has big balloony tires on it right now. Can't wait to see how this feels... when the snow's gone.

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