1992 Ritchey P21-Team W.C.S Build


BoTM Winner
I got this bike in California in a warehouse storage with the condition of the groupset there are still some that need to be serviced and not all of them are W.C.S.
When this bike arrived at my place, then I had to clean it immediately, do checks and service and start looking for some of the missing parts until all of them were currently all using W.C.S.
and here are some photos of my bikeIMG_9835 (2)_2.jpgIMG_9645.jpgIMG_9678.jpgIMG_9685.jpgIMG_9700.jpgIMG_9708.jpgIMG_9717.jpgIMG_9759.jpgIMG_9764.jpgIMG_9783.jpg
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W O W ! ! !

What a beauty bike and some great shots. Those tri-colour Ritchey's sure left their mark in the 90s with numerous XC wins.