1992 Off Road Toad (iconic green)


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One of the perks of having a local reputation for caring about these old bikes is every so often, someone seeks you out for advice or help finding a home for their vintage mtb. And once in a rare while, that bike happens to be something special...20210109_105054.jpg
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Nice score Shamus! waiting to see the final results of a nice restoration as we are used to see from you! is the frame bigger than your usual frame size? Jef from Vancouver


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Thanks Jef! It was well worth the ferry ride to pick it up. To say I jumped at the opportunity would be an understatement. Here are a few photos of the stripped frame. The paint was pretty rough, but the original paint and colour had to be preserved, an easy decision.


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GoGetter0508, I believe Rod Kirkham started thinking about designing a mtb frame back in 1982. There were a couple early prototypes, but OffRoad Toads weren't available until 1988-ish. The first Toads were fillet brazed (by Derek Bailey of Rocky Mtn), then in 1990/91 they redesigned the frame and offered a tig welded frame (by Chris DeKerf), as it was lighter and would (hopefully) appeal to the racing crowd south of the border. Other rare Toad frames include e-stay design, disc brake, and titanium. I think there were only about 300 Toads produced.15750019_10154676626741970_822551947_n.jpg


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hi shamus
nice score. you mentioned a ferry ride. you pulled it from my neck of the woods? :)
will be watching for updates.