1992 Mantis Flying V: SOLD!


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For sale a very rare almost NOS Mantis Flying V.

I bought the Mantis a bit expensive from the first owner who ordered this Mantis Flying V custom paint from the Cunningham factory. I still have the pictures why he chosen for this color. This picture will only be shown to the next owner.

I had plans for it to show this bike in the dutch Mountainbike Museum, but I can also use the money to be honest. I also have to manage too many retro bikes in my house :facepalm:

So original Mantis (Richard Cunningham) paintjob.
For sale are the frame and original Cunningham fork.
All in MIND condition. I got it NOS and only builded it up once:

Framenumber: VL181033:
V= Flying V
L: Large (the had also a short 18 inch version)
18: 18 Inch
10: Batch
33: Number

Option 1: Frame, Chris King headset, Cunningham fork: 2400€
Option 2: Frame 2000€, Cunningham fork: 325€, CK 75€
Option 3: Make me an offer/proposal via PM

Greetings, Dirk
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Lovely Dirk!
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That is a sexual thing. The bike, not the museum. Although knowing the dutch...