1992 GT Zaskar LE -- FINISHED [page 2]


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Picked up this frame from gm1230126. It's a 1992 Zaskar LE, 18". I built it up with many of the parts I had gathered for the Boulder (cranks, derailleurs, brake levers, shifters, etc.), but since I'm going in a completely different direction with that build, they worked out perfectly on the Zaskar. I still need to fit the front brakes, run the cables, and install the chain. Here are a few pics as it sits right now. I'll do a full spec sheet as soon as she's done. ;)


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Superb :cool: , very funky cranks, they look like part of a gun :LOL: , is there any advantage to having the pedal offset to the axle rather than inline as with most cranks ?


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Thanks for the comments, fellas! :cool:

The cranks are Caramba Double Barrels. I don't think there's any functional benefit to having the pedals offset from the BB axle -- purely aesthetic as far as I know. :)

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