1992 Claude Butler Cape Wrath - the other teal one.


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legrandefromage":2gyl9yuk said:
Peachy!":2gyl9yuk said:
Oh proper job! That’s come up lovely...... :D

Your photos are good but you know the Pearlescent Aqua looks even better in the flesh.... :cool:

Got to say yours does look in better condition than mine, but I do still have the original all black Wonder Dawgs ;)

Quick, stick it in BotM for fun.... you know you’ve got my vote

BotM CB MTB Speshul!

There was a little hardcore of us that kept the CB brand torch despite the onslaught of GT, Kona and Cannondales.

Good idea.... :D

And H, don't forget to post a photo here;


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Every brand needs it's champions - especially those makers who perhaps later moved into the budget end of the market. One of my favourite bikes is my Ammaco Trailmaster - another one that's too small for me.