1991 Orange Aluminium O

clockwork davo

Orange 🍊 Fan
So as well as the Elite I’ve also managed to get my hands on this gem!, thanks to Cal Cheshire, we’ve done a little bit of trading he got a 89 Lemon Clockwork 🍋 and I got this beast 😍

it’s a little faded (we know how bad ally O paint was) but I’d much rather have a genuine paint frame over a re sprayed bike all day, I had some aluminium forks knocking around as you do so they’ve gone on and then been built in pretty standard form with period XT,

1991 19” Aluminium O
XT headset 1 1/4
Orange Aluminium Fork
Stalk Stem
Standard bars
Grab on grips
Kalloy seatpost
Rolls saddle
Shimano XT Thumbshifters M732
Shimano XT Brake lever M733
Shimano XT Cantilevers M734
Shimano XT Rear Mech M735
Shimano XT Front Mech M732
Shimano XT Chain set 175mm arms M730 with SG rings
Shimano PD-M735 pedals
Shimano HG70 7 speed cassette
Shimano HG Chain
Shimano XT m730/M732 Hubs
Shimano XT M730 skewers
Mavic 321 CD
Specialized Ground Control Extremes
Elite bottle cage


Retro Guru
Thats a beautiful looking thing, the forks work well.....perfect patina on the frame, original is always nicer IMO....same with classic cars, the used look is always preferable to me.