1991 Marin Eldridge Grade


Retro Newbie
Hi. Here is my 1991 Eldridge Grade on day of delivery. I loved this bike. Still love this bike. I bought it with Suntour XCD group set as I was anti Shimano at that time. It came with XCD hubs and MA40 rims 😁.

Upgrades over the years
Onza Bold Bar End - loved bar ends
Suntour Microdrive Chainset
Deore Dx Thumb Shifters
Deore Brakes
Diacompe PC7 brake levers
Replacement Seat and Seat Post after being stolen on a train
SPD pedals

Replaced in 2004 with Rockhopper (still riding it) but never really loved it like the Marin.
The Eldridge has been single speed hack and currently a road training bike.

This is a few days ago after a road ride

Crap repaint attempt of forks and bars in 1996.

Rust is really coming through the Zolatone ☹️ Sounds like I shouldn’t try to recreate. Maybe a clear matt lacquer?
Will try to get the bars and forks back to “Neon Red”