1991 Marin Eldridge Grade


Dirt Disciple
This very original 1991 Marin came into the workshop directly from its previous life in Bosnia. After much delay due to shipping restrictions and COVID across Europe this gift from the East arrived just before Christmas and has since undergone a light refurb and small upgrades here and there but this is so original.

As Marin fans on here will know....Not a UK available colour-way back in 1991 - making this a reasonably rare specification on these shores - but a beautiful example of this mid range bike (and as an ‘in period’ Palisades Trail owner - this was two rungs up the product range ladder and way out of reach for me BITD)...interestingly the frame number confirms it was actually built in 1990 before being available in stores in 1991.

Video of refurb from the unboxing to the build here:


Can’t wait to ride it!


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Old Fisher

Devout Dirtbag
Just watched this (and liked and commented)

Absolutely love it. Your videos and those of Red Dread are always looked forward to so keep them coming.


Dirt Disciple

Thanks dude for the kind words....
More videos soon....although need to decide on the next build :?:


Dirt Disciple
:xmas-wink: :xmas-big-grin: Ho Ho Ho ... look where it appeared, congratulations, I watched that piece while it was still in Bosnia ... a very interesting color ... but I was interested in higher Tange tubing :)
I am very glad that the piece is in great hands :xmas-cool: :xmas-cool: :xmas-cool: :xmas-cool: :xmas-cool: