1991 GT Karakoram Inferno frame for sale


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Selling to make way for new frame. Its a '91 GT Karakoram inferno Frame. Comes with original U-Brake, new brake cable inner and outer still attached. Have not tried to remove bottom bracket as do not have the tool anymore (Never lend your tools out!) :D But there is no play and still runs smooth. The seatpost is a new Ebay zoom alloy jobby as original was seized. Headset was bought used off fleabay and is good. Original stem and forks. Paintwork is faded, chipped and has rust spots. There are NO dents, bends or dings and is a truly classic Tange double butted steel bombproof frame. 16 1/2 inches centre to top of seat tube. Ideal as a pub hack as is or a powder coat or paint to bring a new lease of life. I left it as is due to the great paint job that would be a shame to lose. Don't know where to start, so £45 posted via ppg or £35 collected? Your thoughts?


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Very nice! Fading isn't actually that bad compared to most other Infernos! GLWS!

The stem looks to have been drilled for the brake cable. Good idea!

16,5" from centre to top is very unusual. GTs are measured centre - centre top tube.


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Is the bottom bracket ok? Will it remove (sized?) Can we have pics of the other size please?


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amazing - like buses - I've got EXACTLY the same fuselage to sell or refurb at the mo - just like yours but mine's the 18.5" version