1991-2 ish Gary Fisher E Stay (Montare or Hoo koo e koo)


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So this is now top of the shop as others have been thrown to the wastes.

1991 or 92


I did a brief intro to this but to recap I had my Stunt Jumper borrowed and my LBS “Coombes Cycles” in Hereford happened to have a frame and fork set ready to go. I have never bought a complete bike and always just built stuff. So this suited me well.

From memory it was second hand at the time but only just and can only have been used for a few months so not sure on its history. Any way I saved some pennies and got the frame set, a pair of Judy Jet C’s with headset adaptors, Cinelli wide bars and a pair of roller cams for the brakes. This was ridden to death for a few years and with minimal changes (Bar ends to flight deck being the most memorable).

Around 96 I had a moment and lightly kissed the back of a double decker unfortunately the frame and (my face) snapped. So, I contacted Mark at Coombes and by chance they had a frame that had been in their hire fleet and was up for sale so I got this.

I spent a fair bit of time prepping and spraying the frame in two tone purple which you can just make out. On the forks and stem which have not been used since 96.

And then came I to the end of uni and cycling just came to a bit of a stop. I started moving around for work and this came with me but with no love or care. I soon became the rider who used squeaks and creaks to warn others of my arrival.

But over the past few years my son has got into bikes and the time has come to explain how this was in my eyes one of the fore fathers of MTB design ( we will negate the fact they all snapped)

This the old setup as of 2021 when stripped but to be honest was pretty much how it always gas been as I have just replaced like for like as parts wore out.

Frame 91-92 Gary Fisher Estay
Fork Judy Jet C 1” Steer with 1 “1/4 adapters A- Headset and cap
Bars Cinelli wide drop
Riser Specialised
Seat post Gary Fisher
Seat MY Brookes Cambrium C19

Front Wheel
Tyre Vittroia Randoner 26”
Rim Wolber AT 40 Titanium light
Hub Shimano Alvio
QR- Generic purple anodised

Rear wheel
Tyre Vittroia Randoner 26”
Rim Wolber AT 40 Titanium light
Spokes Normal english
Hub Shimano 7 Speed Hub
QR- Generic Blue anodised

Levers Shimano 7 * 3 Flight deck
Arms Deore with cool stop pads
Front mech Boss mount
Rear 300LX
Crank Shimano Deore XT
Pedals ebay specials

So we are now at fully stripped and I have some ideas on paint (luminous / metallic fades) and a suitable replacement for the Judy’s in the form a Girvin

The drop bars are going, and I wanted to find an original set of Zoom Brahma bars with grips but so far i have had to settle on a set of Zoom Fast tracks


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As mentioned the frame has been stripped and then powder coated. I wanted to do something in the spirt of early nineties so a multicolour fade at each lug with a base colour on the main tubes.

I didn't want to go full appliance white (keeping it real) so added some flake to give it a bit of sparkle.
Luckily the brace that was added 30 odd years ago has held up and there were no cracks by the front mech braze on.

Christmas had come early when i got home as my fork legs have just got back from the polishers.

They started life here and after a bit of internet searching i confirmed they are the AM (After Market) versions so no Proflex's were harmed.


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More Christmas Presents arrived today in the form of these.
These are the ones that Magpiegifts kindly let free to the world.
The front has no issues and after a quick wipe over, clean and inspect I removed the bearings to find they were exactly as described being good but old and they are a commodity so new ones will be sorted today.
The rear is a bit more convoluted as the axle was snapped (GA Cycles in Southampton is the current best lead). More pressing the freehub locking thread has gone
But I have a plan which involves getting a broken hub ( PLEASE see my wanted add). This will then be cut up so I am left with the threaded section in a top hat billet. The hub will then be reamed out oversize (+ few thou) and then top hat inserted with some thread lock to take up the gap allow for some self centralising. Unless some one else has any ideas.


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The idea is that I cannibalise a Hub that has a good thread to make a top hat section as shown in blue which will be inserted as described above or I try and find the thread dims and make a complete new locking insert but the tap will be hard to come by and ££££££

Freehub insert.jpg


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Just to keep a bit of momentum up with this thread or i will just let it die due to being easily distracted. The issue with the rear Spinergy is no thread to attach the freehub to.

SO the options are:
The thread is M14*1 (have taps) so i can make a lock nut and then either remove some meat from inside the hub inner rear face so the nut is closer to the outer edge or get a longer freehub bolt if they exist ? ? Or continue with the above solution

OR the other option is go for a screw on type freehub and then tap out the hub to M22 ?

In other news but no pictures the front is now full operational with new bearings and a good once over.

Tyres - I would like a balloon type and like the look of the following but i am struggling due to this magic container that has gone missing which is full of them ???

Anyway any ideas on where to get, other options, BTDT

Schwalbe Table top, Crazy Bob, Billy Bonkers prefer black 26 * min width 2


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I like your dedication to this project, though can't help with your queries. I'll be following this one


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Following with keen interest also.
Really pleased that you are determined to get the rear wheel back up and running again. You seem to know what you are talking about,more than I do😉


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Stumbled on this, are you really going to build the fisher with spinergy wheels and a girvin fork...?