1990's Roberts Bike Wanted


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I WAS the incredibly proud owner of a glorious early 1990's Chas Roberts Master Pro until a few years back when it was stolen. It still breaks my heart to think of that loss.

It was in Red, 56cm, Campag Chorus group set, Mavic wheels, Cineli bars & stem. It was stiff, light and fast.

I'm on the hunt for a near match replacement after years without it. It was always a touch too big, so a 54cm or 55cm would be good. Getting frustrated with the current stock on eBay and other places as they tend to be for the slightly taller gent.

Anyone have something they are looking to part with? I'm totally up for a restoration project, so condition need not matter.

Thanks, and stay safe everyone, Neil


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NeilAndrews":3cfto1gj said:
Thanks @Old School Hero
However, I'm after a classic steel frame tbh.

Columbus Max is steel or are you saying you want frame only- let me know and I'll keep an eye out.