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This is my 1990 Trek 990, well it was a Trek 970, until the frame broke under warranty about 18 months in and Trek took ages not getting a 970 Frame, so all the components got swapped over to a 990 Frame with the DS2 suspension fork.

Wheels, cranks, derailleurs are original. As you can see it's now sporting gripshifts, v-brakes, Zoom seatpost and an Impact headset - so 1990's upgrades!

Frame is in pretty good nick for a bike that's had some good usage, the only issue is some bubbling up on the little cross spar between the chain stays.

Rides well, stops quickly, very capable, I just never use it and need the space. So after 31 years it needs a new home.

Frame size is 20.5" from centre of bottom bracket to top of seat tube.

Collection from Cambridge. £150 or offers.


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Hey I'm new here, so not sure of what is desirable? Is this trying to sell to the converted i.e. hard because everyone already has 16 vintage mountain bikes in the shed awating restoration. And mine is not super original so not of interest.

Not complaining, just interested, was hoping to see some interest here before it went on fleabay.


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It's a good bike and you want what looks to be a fair price for it. If you're looking for an instant sale it's unlikely. You need a little patience.

It may be that there is a member of this forum looking for one of these in this size but hasn't had time to login since you listed it - late on Friday night. It may be the lack of originality is putting off a prospective buyer, although I doubt it. I, for instance, wouldn't mind one of these, hence my viewing of your listing, but this one is far too big for me, hence my interest in it has ended.

You may need to wait a week or so, possibly longer. Someone will likely come along who wants it. Sometimes things take a little longer here. If you can't wait put it on eBay or Facebook Marketplace. GLWS
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Should have said the frame was swapped under warranty around 1992, so is a 1992 frame if it makes any difference.

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I'd love to have this but I can't think of a way to justify another bike at the moment.

I'm thinking about what else I might be able to let go of to make space but in the meantime have a bump on me.

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