1990 Marin Pine Mountain


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Hi, it’s been a while since I did a build thread, but here goes.. I wanted a zolatone Marin since my friend had an Eldridge Grade back in 92, I know the zolatone on this earlier Pine is slightly different but I’m really happy with it, actually, I’m chuffed to bits! The total gent that is Corblimeygov just dropped into conversation recently that this was available at very reasonable cost and only a short and very nice drive away.. anyway, thanks Ash, I love it!

Just given it a wash and t-cut polish on the orange, cleaned, re-greased and fitted the STX headset (never done a threaded headset before!), I might touch in some of the grey but I like it as is..

I was going to fit M960 I cranks because I have them but might keep an eye out for some closer to the period, or maybe go 105.. it’s not going to be a factory build!

I have some nice old Sun Levander on LX wheels, some thumbies, M739 brake levers etc.. I’ll update as it comes together


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Thanks, me too!

I’ve bought some old 105 cranks and rear mech and an old XT front mech. So I’ll get 2x8 on there with the Deore thumbies is the plan.. some tan wall tyres would be nice but I’ve seen some 2.35 brown cruiser tyres that I’m trying not to buy!


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sweet - im contemplating turning an old pine mountain or alpinestars into a gravel bike with drop bars


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So far so good.. particularly given this was supposed to be a frame and fork for wall art!

I decided to head towards a road/gravel track type of build that I can use on a charity bike ride where the bike must be built for £100 or less.. Also had a few bits including wheels in the garage so the spec so far is..

5/10/20 - edit... some changes made
17/3/21 - edit.. charity ride got cancelled some parts added to for cycle path comfort/security and covid lockdown sanity

Frame: 1990 Marin Pine Mountain - double butted Tange Cromo

Fork: Marin Tange Cromo

Headset: new Tange FL270C, stx too tall, the tange is loads lighter and cartridge bearings too
Stem: Marin steel
Handlebar: Marin double butted alloy
Grips: black sponge closed cell
Barends: none

Brakes: Avid single digit 7 Vs
Brake Pads: Avid
Brake Cables: shimano
Brake Levers: XT M739

Shifters: Deore DX thumb shifters
Front Derailleur: single ring for now
Rear Derailleur: DX shortcage
Derailleur Cables: shimano
Cassette: HG70 7sp
Chain: HG70/KMC 7/8sp
Cranks: Shimano 105 1056
Crank Bolts: Royce Ti
Chainring: single 42, might add the 53 later
Chainring bolts: single ring cheapo alloy (not alloy) Amazon jobs
Bottom Bracket: UN72
Pedals: wellgo composite flats

Hub Skewers: secure alloy things
Rims: Sun Levanter
Hubs: LX M550 with new bearings & grease
Nipples: Alloy
Spokes: stainless
Tyres: 2.35” Schwalbe Fat Franks, soon to be replaced with tan wall 2.1” Billy Bonkers
Tubes: Continental

Saddle: Marin Lite, Marin Ti on it way
Seatpost: new Kalloy Uno
Seatpost Binder: secure alloy thing

Weight: guessing at 27lb, perhaps a little less


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Subject to change but here is the work in progress..
(Saddle set for someone a fair bit taller than me! It’s apx 1/2 as high for my stumpiness!)


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mk one

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Nice, great riding frames the older Marins.

I have a set of MT60 crank arms you can have if you want them, used but should polish up well.


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mk one":1liwl0qa said:
Nice, great riding frames the older Marins.

I have a set of MT60 crank arms you can have if you want them, used but should polish up well.

Thanks! I loved the zolatone marins when I was a teenager but could never afford one. Cranks sound interesting, how much would you like for them?


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Re: Re:

Corblimeyguv":3p6vr7uo said:
Looking good !

I have a pair of silver Marin bar ends available too ;)

Thanks Ash, I’m keeping it simple for now.

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