1990 Lavoie Titanium made by Maurice Lavoie


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Lovely machine...and £175!!!..you'd make that back just on the crank. PM me some lotto numbers please bud. :)


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Hi Mark, thanks for posting the latest photo of the bike. It looks amazing. Did you manage to get original decals as you mentioned in an earlier post? If so I am very interested to know where from and if you could pass on the contact details. Cheers.


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That’s a really nice bike and a great story.
I had a Xizang with a TTN serial number guess that was a Lavoie built frame?


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Jesus H.

What a story, what a bike!

What a price!

Thanks for bringing this thread back, I never would have seen it otherwise, and it's a really interesting read.

It's literally perfect. The bike, the story, the whole nine.