199? Yeti Fro Pro with Accutrax Fork-Lots of Pics


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So here it is. Thanks to obi-wan-mtb for making me part with my hard earned cash.:)
The FRO showed up this morning via UPS. After taking it out of the box I noticed that it might not be as big as I was led to believe.:( (But, I need someone to confirm how they are sized) I measured the frame as follows: TT C-C 22.5 ST C-C 17.5 C-T 18.5. The fellow I bought it from said that it was a 19” frame so he was a little off. Not that big of deal I guess.

The one thing that was a surprise is that it came with a Chris King “no logo” Headset. This made me smile.
As far as the other parts go, the only other things worth keeping are the Salsa Shaft seatpost and the Syncros stem. The XT thumbies will have to be taken apart and cleaned before they are any good and the mechs will be replaced. Still not sure how to build it but I have time to think about it. Would love ideas if you got them and I am sure you do. :D

Does anyone know where the SS# is? I cannot find one anywhere.
How do you tell the year?

Thanks for looking, there will be more to come.


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More Pics


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You sure its a CK headset?

My Yetis came with similar headset in brown anodized color and it was a generic Taiwan YM something brand.


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it looks like a 17.5" frame

The FRO looks like a 17.5" to me and a 94-95 in age :?:

really nice frame..Almost the same colour as my 96 Sherpa ;)


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the serial number is to the rear of the BB shell
they are not very deep numbers and if it has been resprayed it is most likely filled with paint.

so i guess that you have to get rid of it because its too small? oh well

i love yetis