1989 Yeti C-26 Tribute Bike


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Thank you amigo. I appreciate your kind words and support. It was a lot of fun!

Its a pleasure mate, i would love to know in all the excitement, (cus i would have forgot) did you think to weigh the Fro and then the C-26, i would love to know if it really made much difference..?

And for all the Nah Sayers, given the few original bikes were so fragile, i think using new tubes and modern bonding material would be the only way to enjoy feeling like Tomac every time you ride it..!

And i would So have to ride it..... :cool:

:LOL: You know, I did not Carl. I'm not sure why it didn't occur to me, but alas, it did not. I have an 88' FRO however in the same size with the same XT build, sans the disk. I will say that this bike is heavy. Like, really heavy. Probably approaching north of 27lbs and it's a 17.5" frame. I'll weigh it at my LBS the next time I'm through. He builds some weight weenie roadies and has a good setup for such.

You will probably be interested in this. While I had access to the CF tubes, I connected with Wilk, Herting and Yodice to get the measurements for the CF Accu-Trax that Chris built for Mike. I had an extra fork so I'm having one built for posterity and to accompany the bike. I think between Mike, Martin, Paul, Chris, Robert and Frank, we seem to know of three or four in the wild. They were "land mines" to ride and I know of one that imploded on a bench test at the CA shop. :LOL:



Pics from Herting


Aluminum inserts


With C9 tubes


My fork, ready for brazing


It's getting powder coated now so I'll upload some pics when I get it back. Gil already sent some fresh decals so I look forward to wrapping this one up.


You are one of the few here that take the retro Love to a whole new level.

Amazing project.



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That is one amazing bike and thread! Quick question: what carbon tubes did you use? (modern ones? they look like the original ones). What adhesive was used to bond the tubes? I'm interested in some of the more obscure technical details of the frame. Will get my vote for BOTM.