1989 Muddy Fox Courier - Freewheel replacement - help needed


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Hi - this is my first post on the forum. Hoping to get a bit of help, sorry if this is an obvious question.

I've got a vintage Muddy Fox courier (1989) that I'm trying to restore for my wife. I want to replace the cassette and chain, as I think they are both original.

A couple of queries:

[*][What tool (if any) do I need to remove this type of freewheel cassette? (Picture via link below)
[*]I've purchased a Shimano 6 speed Screw-On Freewheel 14-28T cassette as a replacement - will this be compatible?

Here's my current freewheel - I'm not sure how to remove it.

Here's the new freewheel. I have noticed it has splines. Does this mean it won't be compatible? If so does anyone know a like for like replacement for the freewheel above?


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The thing to do is remove the old one. This is HARD when removing one which has been on a long time. You will need a chain whip and the tool specific to that freewheel, which is a four-lug tool, which then needs a large adjustable wrench on it. This is a good video.


But this understates the difficulty of getting the d++m things off. It can require huge amounts of force.

That Shimano freewheel will go on as a replacement, the splines are there for the removal tool, which is a different one to the one which you need for the removal of the one which is on there at present. And which you do not need for fitting the freewheel since it tightens itself on pedalling.


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Thanks a lot for your help.

I've got everything part from the four-lug tool. Have just ordered from Wiggle. Looks like I need the FR-3.

Looking forward to man vs machine once it arrives.