1989 Koga Miyata Ridge Runner

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Bought this Koga Ridge runner , did not have to do much work on it - the bike is like a time capsule
Back in 1989 I used to have the exact same bike ( see last picture ) I was 18 back then and had hiar LOL

It's nice to have found this beauty , all is original with the exception of the tires I think they had Pananracer smoke tires
The bike is quite heavy , but feels like a rock on the trails.

Thanks for looking


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Very nice 47cm RidgeRunner. Excellent shape, all original. Even including one original bottle. Doubt whether I would drink from that. Do you have the pump?

This is the frame Greg Herbold wun the 1990 DH Worlds with (but his was blue/white and was branded 'Miyata').