1987 Brodie Romax Barn Find / Restoration


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Why dont you leave it like it is? That is such a nice grown unique style.
The only thing i have to mention ist the bar/ stem
combo that does not fit together.
This stwm needs a syncros bar with that very wide shim to fit to. The brodie bar does not have that wide 25,4 section, that doesnt look good and technaicaly its not that good.


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Thank you everyone for your replies. I have attached some better pictures with details. I will be repainting the frame to the original colour as well as the Bullseyes cranks, otherwise it was stay as found.


Very cool bike!

That kind of Gatorblade really is surprising for a Brodie built in '87. Also the crown/steerer intersection is looking very suspicious! I've got the same third gen Gatorblade fork as well as XT headset and there is almost no gap between the front of the fork crown and crown race.

Also that brake booster is made of Magnesium and looking fairly corroded.


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Good Morning. Please keep in mind as previously mentioned. The person I got the bike from got the frame used @1991. It was four years old at that point. He proceeded to build the bike based on what was on the market in @1991. So yes, it has newer Gaterblade forks on etc. I am not planning on restoring the bike to a period correct 1987 Romax. I like it they way it is and was built back in the day. I will update the frame and crank color and that basically it. Thank you everyone for your positive comments on this bike.


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Stunning bike. I love all the details on it, and the overall ‘clean’ aesthetic.

Seems like several elements of Brodie design Influenced Kona. Sloping top tube, straight forks, similar headset to the Kona ‘Impact’. I just googled the story on the Brodie involvement with The bicycle Group, quite a drama there.


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So finally got around to tearing down the Brodie. I am taking in to get painted. The frame will be painted the original color that it left Pauls house with, Imron Light Continental Blue Metallic. The Bullseye cranks will be stock black. Finally the Syncros stem will be black. It was painted purple, then black over, over the years it was scratched and the purple was showing through. I will try and post pictures of the frame stripped in all its blazed glory. Thanks again for following.


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