1984 Peugeot PH10 - Tribute to Bob/Pippa


Dirt Disciple
So I've just finished my first retro bike project, and thought I'd show the results. I know I've broken some authenticity rules, so head up retro-bike police. And I went rattle can for the fun of it.

So here goes.

I started cycling properly in 1984. And BITD there was really only one rider from the UK of note. (Big Sean being the other of course but less 'successful'. I spent every penny on my pretty awful hack, and poured over the Peugeot and Dawes brochures dreaming of PX, PY and galaxy's...
So when my Dad pulled put his old PH10 from the barn, un ridden for 20 years, I couldn't resist the challenge.

It was a mess.20211221_120233.jpg20211221_120247.jpg20211221_120252.jpg


Dirt Disciple
So stripped it down, to see what we had.

Front mech so caked couldn't even tell what it was.
None original levers.
Horrible painted simplex shifters.
2 wheels dubious rims..one un save-able



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Dirt Disciple
And rebuilding.

In the spirit of the 1984 King of the Mountain

quite pleased with my rattle can effort 20220312_150221.jpg
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Dirt Disciple
Trying to find a peugeot black and white chequered bottle now... Halfords had some eroica branded ones...but are out of stock 😞