1983 Stumpjumper


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Here she is. Lucky to have become the latest custodian of this early Stumpjumper here in the UK. From what I can tell I'm only the second owner and this nearly original bike hasn't been used for years.

Aiming to do some minor fettling then get out riding.

More pics here.


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Absolutely no upgrading or even retrofitting, this is one that is nearly complete from the get-go. Maybe even a professional respray in due course.

Will be putting the original saddle, tyres, brake blocks and grips aside before any proper rides.

There are 40 or so pics on the flickr link already. With many more to be uploaded there as it gets used and fettled.
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Ah yes, the Flikr pics are spot on.
I'm diggin' those brake levers, proper moto style 😎
I was going to say see what you can do with those rust spots on the frame , it's only original once!


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Thanks GTpulse, you'll be right about the brake blocks, I'm just generally stating that the bike really has seen very little use and had very little changed over the years. The XT Pedals can't be original either.

I've added a bunch more pics to the Flickr album and will continue to do so as I fettle and spend time on the bike.

The 1.5 TriCross tyres are beginning to crack so they came off today to be replaced with modern 2.1 Smoke and Darts. So did the saddle, and thirty or so years of dust when I washed it.

It's beginning to be period incorrect, though probably not much more to change yet except grips, brake blocks and cables but this is necessary to be able to ride safely and properly without damaging the bike, fragile old parts or me.

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