1982 Koga-Miyata ProRacer + Dura-Ace EX bits


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Offering Koga-Miyata ProRacer frame + DA EX headset + DA EX shifters

I found a size 60DD frame, so this for me slightly too small 58DD frame can leave. With the FullPros this was the top of the line offering in the early 80s range of the Dutch/Japanese manufacturer Koga-Miyata. As you can expect from the Japanese the frame shows flawless build quality: svelte microfusion frameparts, neat transitions, durable and beautifull 7 step coat. Back than frames like this ProRacers made offerings of the competition look like build by apes.

The tail is chromed underneath the paint for ultimate rust protection. The chromed fork was an upgrade.

On the geometry: the frame was designed with Dyna-Drive pedals in mind. On DD pedals your feet are positioned 1.7cm lower, so Koga-Miyata dropped the seat- and headtube length circa 1.5cm. With conventional pedals the geometry is squarish. More Italian than Dutch.

The headset is a light and durable Dura-Ace EX unit. I serviced it with loose balls and Motorex grease. Headsets can't be more smooth than this. The Dura-Ace EX shifters offer in my opinion superior function compared with Campagnolo's counterparts. You could finish this frame with the full Dura-Ace EX spec or other top end equipment like Super/Nuovo Record or Superbe.

Buy Japanese perfection. Don't settle for less.

The ProRacer in the 1982 Koga-Miyata catalog >>> http://www.koga.com/koga/linkservid/9EA ... howMeta/0/

- Tange Champion #2
- microfusion lugs with 'M' cut outs in seat- and headlugs
- open bottom bracket shell
- Shimano EF dropouts
- chromed Miyata fork, chromed tail
- durable 7 step coat
- Seattube 58DD (56.3cm c-t)
- Toptube 558mm

Comes with
- Shimano Dura-Ace EX headset - serviced with loose balls and Motorex grease, supersmooth
- Shimano Dura-Ace EX shifters - offer imo a superior feel compared with Campagnolo's friction shifters

It is a used frame, but it looks imo very nice. The paint has still the same gloss as the day it left the factory. Some chips that have been touched up with a fine 00 pencil and Modelmaster's 'French blue' - a very good match for Koga-Miyata's 'team blauw' I found out. The chrome is spotless. Structurally the frame is 100% okay. View the pics under link to form your own impression of cosmetic condition. The pics are a couple years old, but the bike hasn't moved since and was stored warm and dry.

Looking for 275 GBP shipped for frameset + DA EX bits

Packaging will be done with utmost care. I use foam tubing and everything will go well padded in a sturdy bike box.

View all pics >>>