1981 Koga Miyata Gentsracer


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So i decided it was time to build a bike with DT shifters again, since my oldest bike had a Dura ace 7410 group with brifters, and i wanted to hang out with the cool kids and their merry alcohol-fueled Eroica rides.

Being a filthy shimano fanboy, the only valid option was to scrape together a dura ace 7200 ex groupset and wait for a suitably large frameset to pop up.

to make a short story even shorter - i wanted a japanese frame with a nice and classy colorscheme, as i already had a pretty nice and flashy italian Daccordi frame, and if the two bikes were too similar i would probably just end up riding one of them and ignoring the other.

in the end, a minty and perfectly sized koga miyata gentsracer showed up, and after some quick haggling it was on its way over from hungary.

while waiting for the frame to show up, i cleaned up, lubricaded and waxed all the old parts, polished the scratchy cranks and brake levers, and surprisingly found a mint condition and affordable SR royal seatpost with the correct diameter on the local marketplace.

the build itself took only about two days, but most of that was spent hunting down a brooks saddle and bar tape on the local used market.

in the end, it turned out pretty great, and i cant wait to try the bike out... unfortunately its been raining for two weeks straight, and the frost has started to set in, so i will probably have to wait for a long while before i can give it a proper shakedown.

( i have shortened the cables a bit after taking the photos, so no complaining! ;) )


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Very nice I have the same group set and going the same route manufacture wise, Been waiting for a 70's frame in my size to turn up and I've had the GS for over a year now :facepalm: