1975 Viscount Aerospace Pro


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After having it just hanging there, I finally found the time to restore and finish this beautiful bike! I doubted a long time what to do; restore it to original or make a little project? As I have other racebikes I decided to make a nice tourer/commuter. First the specs:

Frame: 1975 Viscount Aerospace Pro

Fork: Original fork but type III

Headset: Viscount
Stem: SR
Handlebar: VO Porteur
Bar Tape: VO elkhide sew-on

Brake Levers/Brifters: Tektro RX4.1 reverse
Brake Calipers: Viscount
Brake Pads: Original

Shifters: Shimano
Front Derailleur: Shimano Titlist
Rear Derailleur: Shimano Crane
Cassette: Maeda
Chain: Shimano HG-70
Cranks: Viscount
Chainrings: Viscount
Bottom Bracket: Viscount

Rims: Weinmann
Spokes: Single butted chromed
Hubs: Viscount
Hub Skewers: P1001
Tyres: Michelin World Tour tires 27x1 1/4

Saddle: VO Model 3
Seatpost: SR

Many may know a bit about the history of Viscount/Lambert. I became interested as these guys started to make bikes from aerospace tubing, a combination that I as an aeronautical engineer and cyclist couldn't resist! After seeing the bike and reading more about them, I am convinced they were visionaires! They started with the idea to make all parts themselfs, which no bicycle brand had tried after WOII. They did not succeed, and my model has many outsourced parts, but it still shows how advanced they were (in my humble opinion).
Like the pressed-in industrial bearings for the BB (BB30?) and the pressed-in industrial bearings in the hubs. Not to forget the fillet brazed frame. A real engineered bike with features that have into bikes only recently. Enough talk: enjoy!







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Thats a nice job. (I neally got one of those last year.) It really hangs together well....Think that is very interesting, not run of the mill predictable.... thumbs up


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I am! I'm a fan of any build that doesn't include drop bars.

Major props to you Senri on a number of counts:

1) not using that lazy "DF" moniker to describe the forks
2) knowing the difference between types I, II, and III
3) keeping them
4) knowing some history
5) being an aeronautical engineer
6) posting great pics!

Did you get the frame re-painted? It's in amazing condition if that's original.

And what are those Titlist cages made from? I've only ever seen them in photos and they're always black-ish. They don't polish up?

The only problem with beautiful builds and informed posts like yours is that they probably lift the second-hand value of these beautiful bikes. Better for us Viscount lovers if we let people hang on to attitudes like this:


Lovely build. I'm sure you'll love riding it even more than I enjoy looking at it!

b :D


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Thanks everyone for the comments. I did a city tour last night because of the lovely weather and it rides great! It gives a pretty straight up position as a result of the handlebars, so I might try a longer stem.

@biggs: the handlebars are Velo Orange Porteur bars

@ Bendo: The frame is not repainted, but in good condition. Of course there are some scratches, but nothing major. Strange though that some of the gold pin striping is missing in some places, which seems original. The Aerospace Pro decals were so bad I took them off, but I photographed them and new ones are made.
The forks are really nice, and even if I would have a type I, I would ride them anyway!
The Titlist are this way, I am not sure what material they are. Strange by the way they used this one, the original groupset had a Crane with a Dura-ace front mech.



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Yes, Titlist and Crane went on to become 600/Ultegra and Dura Ace respectively. Although looking at pics of various VA Pros on the intertubes, there are a lot of them with this Titlist/Crane combo, and even Titlist/Tourney, which is even weirder as Tourney has always been a bargain-basement model.

How do you go with running 27 x 1, 1/4 tyres? There's not a lot of room to spare between those chainstays is there? b

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lovely job, that's nice! how are those brake levers in practice? also interested to know how much rear chainstay clearance you have :D


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You are right; I have seen the Crane-Titlist combination more often. Would it have been just a matter of price or function? That dura-ace one is beautiful! Tempted........

Anyway, the brake levers work fine, no complaints up till now, but I will keep you posted. The clearance is another issue. I never really thought about it. I had seen another Aerospace on the net with these tires and I really liked it. Having a bit bigger size would make it more comfortable in the urban rides.

But here it is, only 3mm on either side! Better keep those QR's tide....