1960's Falcon San Remo


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Now although it says San Remo in the title I'm not sure this one is.

This came as a bike with components that were way too modern for it so I had no clues there, it was black with immichrome panels but did have the San Remo decals on the rear stays and is of course a Falcon. As far as I can tell it's 531 throughout, it's very light for it's age, had 531 decals on it but also has Reynolds stamped into the steerer and has a 27.2 seat tube.

I know over the years there have been more variations of San Remo than I've got fingers and toes but here's where I'm not convinced about it being a San Remo and that's the lugs, as I've never seen a San Remo with these lugs on so if anyone does know if it is and if it's not what it is please let me know.

I was going to do a build thread but I'd already painted it, applied the decals and it was an afternoons work to assemble it yesterday so that went out of the window really, but I did take a couple of pictures as I went so these are below.


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And this is the finished Bike.

I had to go for baby blue, all these should be baby blue as far as I'm concerned and I went for the selection of decals I'd seen the most on these.

Frame: Falcon Reynolds 531

Fork: Falcon Reynolds 531

Headset: Something Chrome
Stem: Nitto Alloy Quill
Handlebar: GB Randonneur
Bar Tape: Cork

Brake Levers/Brifters: Weinmann
Brake Calipers: Weinmann Centre Pull
Brake Pads: Fibrax
Brake Cables: Generic

Shifters: Campagnolo Nuovo Gran Sport
Front Derailleur: Campagnolo Nuovo Gran Sport
Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo Nuovo Gran Sport
Derailleur Cables: Generic
Cassette: Generic
Chain: Generic
Cranks: SR Royal 5 arm
Chainrings: SR Royal Drillium
Bottom Bracket: Generic
Pedals: Campagnolo Nuovo Gran Sport

Rims: Rigida 27"x1 1/4
Hubs: Maillard Small Flange QR
Hub Skewers: Maillard
Nipples: Sapim
Spokes: Sapim
Tyres: Michelin World Tour
Tubes: Michelin

Saddle: Cheap blue one from ebay
Seatpost: SR Royal
Seatpost Binder: Generic

Bottle Cage: N/A
Extras: Campagnolo bolt on bottom bracket cable guide

Weight: Not weighed it yet

Edit just weighed it and it's 11.4Kg as you see it.


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Looking good :). Falcon were pretty lax when it came to making and naming things back then. I think they just made things at random out of parts they had to hand lol

There was a model 92/ San Remo which could be along the lines of yours. The older Black Diamond was also higher end at the time before they started dumbing it down in the 70's...


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Yes I've heard and read all sorts of stories about Falcon and their way of doing things.

I've also got an older Black Diamond in the queue to be done as well when I can get round to it.


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To be honest it's that ramshackle attitude to doing things that I like about Falcon, Now this ones complete I have 5 complete and 1 in bits waiting to be done.


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Don't panic they're not all San Remo's and one's actually the wife's.

I've got this San Remo, a Majorca, a Professional, a gents Westminster, a ladies Westminster and the Black Diamond in bits

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