1 1/8'' headtube.....1'' fork steerer.....any headsets?


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Headtube normally takes a 1 1/8'' fork steerer.
But i've knackered one of my dropouts :(
I've got some forks with a 1'' steerer.
Is there a headset that will fit the frame and fork - that is - some sort of adapter/reducer headset?
I can find 'shims', but headsets and bottom brackets scare me - or rather the variety of sizes available that are all (in theory) the same size..... :?
I've trawled ebay and asked Google, but i'm not clued up enough to know exactly what to look for.
Any help greatly appreciated.


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I think Chris King did a reducer headset, but honestly I've used the reducer cups/shims without issue in the past.


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There's a headset reducer on eBay, I've been looking at it myself. But it's in the US. Or there are reducer cups that sit in the frame which enable you to use a smaller size headset. A little while ago you could find a few in the UK on eBay, but lately there's not much this side of the pond!

I also have a 1" fork and want to use in a 1 1/8" headtube.

Shims aren't ideal really.


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Ok.....might try the shims.....
One of the reasons i went to 1 1/8'' is becasue i used to get fed up trying to find a '1'' headset'.
I think at one point the LBS tried fitting three different '1'' headsets' and none of them fit.
From memory, this is becasue it appears that manufacturers had real problems figuring out what an inch was :shock:
1 1/8'' just seems way simpler for some reason.
So, with the shims.....do they shim the headtube (meaning i have to revisit 1'' headset hell'), or do they shim the headset?
If that makes sense..... :(


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A steerer shim let's u use 1 1/8" headset.you would only need 1"headset if you were using reducer cups. Personally I wouldn't recommend a steerer shim. But that's me. Bitd you could get headtube shims, like wheels manufacturing made for manitou frames. But I haven't seen one for years. You'd be better off using reducer cups and finding a suitable 1" headset.


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Many thanks Magpiegifts.

Honestly, i'm coming to the conclusion that i think i never really 'got past' the fact that nobody seemed able to accurately identify what an inch was.

ISO, JIS, Raleigh, Campag, French, Italian.....and so on.

It can't have been that difficult.

The search for a set of 1 1/8'' steerer forks begins! :)


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Colour and age unimportant.
For 700c wheels with the brake mounted through the fork arch - no brake bosses.
Oh.....and a 1 1/8'' steerer :)
I'm sure something will turn up.
Thanks again.


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If you can find one, Chris King Devolution 1-1/8 to 1.0" will be £150 or so... :(

Plenty of decent 1" headsets around, so use some headtube reducers Ison (ID) or Box for around £18-19:
https://winstanleysbikes.co.uk/id-heads ... 1-1-8-to-1
https://www.sourcebmx.com/products/box- ... et-adaptor

Even more basic and cheaper (£5) from Ruff BMX:
https://www.ruff-cycles.com/ruff-cycles ... -inch.html

Or a cheap converter headset like the Trek one, £6: https://www.tritoncycles.co.uk/componen ... cer-p14444

All the best,


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Many thanks danson67.
I'll ponder it - Chris King ideally, but I've never been able to justify the cost.
The old 1" forks just might get a reprieve.
Really appreciate the help.