Sold ‘92 Orange Aluminium Elite 19” Frame - fully restored or swap for 17”....


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Hi, reluctantly selling my lovely Elite frame as needing a 17” instead. Early batch and the shortest frame number I have come across on these (A2033) It has undergone a full make over (lacquer removal, light sanding, highly polished with new decals fitted) and just simply needs a lovely build to finish off its looks....all the hard work has been done👍 It was 3/4 built but now selling the frame as needing the next size down. The option of a NOS XT headset can also be supplied fitted (at extra cost). Frame is in really good condition for its age. All the welds have been checked prior to restoration and are good. All the tubes are good with no nasty dents etc. but it is getting on for 30 years old so will have the odd mark/cable rub signs from past use. I think the only thing of note are some chainstay marks which have polished up well and a tiny top tube dink (4mm) that would sit under and be hidden by the cabling, none of these compromising any of the frames strength or integrity 👍
Not too sure what to put this at so if I’m off the mark a bit then please say.....
£200 but open to offers/swaps..... (XT headset can be discussed ) Postage on top depending on location 👍🍊
SOLD £180


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