1. raidan73

    BoTM Jam_SWorks' 1991 Trek 8900 Pro is the April 2022 Bike of The Month

    Well done to @Jam_SWorks, and his Trek 8900 Pro, for a great win in the April 2022 competition. From a strong field of 15, that included titanium offerings from GT and Fat Chance, a classic Breezer Lightning XTR and a custom Dirt Shark, getting 22% of the 123 votes was no mean feat. You can see...
  2. S

    For Sale Trek 7600, 20 inch. 1994. Restomod.

    For sale is my go to bike. .. Don't see many of these at all. Trek 7600 hand made in the USA easton aluminium frame. It's a fully functional gravel path monster bike.. Set up as a go anywhere cruiser. Serviced, maintained, slick shifting. M952 xtr right 9 speed. Left shifter xt Tektro...
  3. Crispybike

    For Sale TREK 5500 OCLV US POSTAL (1999)

    TREK 5500 OCLV US POSTAL (1999) Dura-ace 7703/7700 / 9 speeds size: 56 Send more pictures in PM If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them! 800£ - free shipping
  4. GeneralOsik

    1991 Trek 990

    I bought this bike almost exactly 3 years ago, for only $15, at my regular thrift store. Here is the bike right before purchase, at the check out counter. Here it is after I got it home. It was filthy, well used, and had some parts upgraded at some point. I immediately noticed the different...
  5. A

    1996 Trek Y11 URT pivot bushing cracked/dead rear shock (need guidance)

    Hi all, My beloved 1996 Trek Y11 has seen some better days. I’m told by the bike shop that the bushing at the unified rear triangle pivot point that connects to the carbon Y frame is cracked. As such, whenever I pedal hard or force down on the cranks, there are loud cracking sounds that echo...
  6. robrouleaux

    1995 Trek singletrack 990

    So i finally found a pair of NOS tioga psycho butterscotch tires to complete my TREK 990, just as I rode it back in 1995.
  7. C

    For Sale FLATBAR COCKPITs (stem+bar) KORE in silver and ICON in matte black

    got these two light uncut cockpits laying around (all together bundle offer 90€, so it's only one parcel for me). shipping extra, possible to any destination. more stuff (maguras, ringlé, xtr, hope, marzocchi... etc) here and nos skinwalls here...