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  1. Augustus

    1988 Cannondale Red Shred SM1000 [finished]

    The best thing I've seen on the internet today - great job.
  2. Augustus

    1988 Barn find Peugeot Perthus

    Found this in a friend's barn. Too large for me, it hasn't progressed past sitting on the terrace under the pre-Pyrenees it was named after.
  3. Augustus

    88 muddyfox explorer

    Lovely. I remember that year well. I've a friend with an almost NOS one in the garage.
  4. Augustus

    1988 Saracen Trekker

    I found a snap of me and my '88 Trekker from 1988 the other day. Ahem, on reflection the bike was nicer than my sunglasses.
  5. Augustus

    1988 Paul Donohue Double-U

    Saracen made a few
  6. Augustus

    Question - Which is the most famous/ respected cycle brand that no longer exists?

    Some good thoughts here. Thanks. there are loads of smaller or more obscure ones that could be pulled out but a key is 'well known or famous'. Probably as obvious as it is, Klein's winning so far. Was my first thought too.
  7. Augustus

    Question - Which is the most famous/ respected cycle brand that no longer exists?

    In your opinion, which is the most famous/ respected cycle brand, either MTB or Road (or both), that no longer exists? A pioneering brand that burned brightly but burned out. Thanks, Gus
  8. Augustus

    peaks ride, sat 29th may 2021 9am meet for 9.30 depart

    I look forward to your photos of a ride with fond memories.
  9. Augustus

    Mountain Mayhem 2021 - Might as well be positive

    I would have liked a reunion of sorts here but alas not amid Doom Crisis and fresh hospitalisation. I'll watch for imagery afterwards.
  10. Augustus

    Calling cannondale know-all’s!

    pretty sure I put an '87 catalogue up on here years ago.
  11. Augustus

    Article Moots Titanium factory tour

    Routt 45 is a very nice bike. Good choice. If i could still ride bikes, that would have been my next.
  12. Augustus

    1988 Fisher Montare XT

    do you have any pics? I seem to remember the '88 Montare being white with blue fades?
  13. Augustus

    Muddy Fox Courier Help with year please

    1987. The '86 looked the same but had riser bars and non index gears. The flat bar with XC5000 Suntour indexed shifters was the 1987 year model.
  14. Augustus

    Article Moots Titanium factory tour

    Re: Thanks. It was a really interesting factory visit. They're always interesting tbh. That booth is just for the bead blasting process to go from shiny to a tougher matt Ti finish.
  15. Augustus

    Article Moots Titanium factory tour

    A modern look at an old school maker, still hand building Ti in the Rockies. There's a link below to the story on my site...
  16. Augustus

    1988 Saracen Trekker

    Re: Lovely. My second MTB, and I loved it. 8)
  17. Augustus

    Few more pics from Campagnolo's 80th birthday bash

    I found a few more from that do a few years ago so I thought they may be of some interest here. Some legends there that day.
  18. Augustus

    Old pics of the USE factory

    Re: I don't even have copies of those images! It's the only job i don't have a backup of. 10yrs, good grief.
  19. Augustus

    Old pics of the USE factory

    Re: and a couple more...